April 9, 2014

I discovered last summer in my Twitter feed, as I clicked on a story that looked interesting, it came up in the form of a I was impressed with the format, with the idea of being able to collect items from the Internet that I chose, put them together and send them out to share with my own readers. It was an idea I wanted to share with others. You, my class, are others.

My thinking is that by using a combination of Delicious, Twitter, Pinterest and Google, you’ll more likely read online anything you are interested in, and not only read it, but consider saving it for sharing later. Perhaps you’ll need it for a research paper or some other school project or even just to share with someone who has common interests. That’s what being responsible for educating yourself is often comprised of.

You all watched me in my own learning process as I pulled up the website and logged on to my account. I “learned” that without paying for premium service, I was limited to the three Scoop.its I’d already composed. So for the purposes of this assignment, I chose the one that best fit my purposes, “I learn, you learn, we all learn”. The topic I chose to explore this week is: Cyberbullying, so I added my scoops to the existing Three guesses as to why I chose cyberbullying: Yup, that’s what we’re moving into next, if I pull that lesson together.

I can’t wait to see what you all pull together.


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