March 24, 2014

I hope everyone had a great break. One thing I always look forward to on breaks is catching up. I caught up on some things, not on others. I hope you took advantage of the break to catch up on your DigiComm work if you needed to do that.

I’ll be taking a blog maintenance grade at the end of the week, so if you are behind, get caught up this week.

Monday: I pushed the Instagram presentations to today instead of the Thursday before break. I hope everyone is able to present today, but I’m a realist. If we need to finish a couple presentations tomorrow, that can happen.

Tuesday: Finish Instagram presentations.
We’ll talk about the myriad of ways you can collect information on the web: Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Delicious and Diigo, to name a few.

Wednesday-Thursday: Decide on a “passion” topic to research. Make sure it lends itself to research (not too wide, nor too narrow). Begin searching and collecting by favoriting, pinning and tagging to your Delicious or Diigo account.

Friday: We’ll introduce the archiving tool, Scoop-it. For next week’s project, you will collect articles on your passion project and archive it to share via Scoop-it.



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