Week 10: You got it – Instagram

March 9, 2014

When I say, “You got it, I mean, you got it.”

You guys will divvy up content, research and complete presentations on Instagram to teach the rest of us, not only the basics, but tips and tricks to make it better and more fun and what professionals and others can do with Instagram in the real world. I will consider working in pairs for more complex content. Present your ideas to me.

Choose up – Who wants to present what? Got better ideas? Talk to me.

Instagram basics, or, How to use Instagram
The social side: Building a following, etiquette, commenting, responding, etc
How-to: things like collage, writing on, watermark, other tricks I don’t even know
How-to video
Importing Instagram photos/video into blog or other
Marketing ideas, tips
How-to: Printing Instagram photos, using for DIY projects like pillows, coasters, phone covers, images to frame, etc.
PS: I’ve found that Pinterest is a great resource for much of this stuff

Monday-Thursday: Gather info, prepare lessons, presentations. Don’t forget at least a quick personal post, perhaps ranting about Instagram, too much work or technology problems. We don’t have a Friday this week, thus, no #FF will be required.

Thursday: Presentations


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