Attributing your CC material

March 9, 2014

This post is subsequent to last week’s Creative Commons lesson. We had a little trouble using Flickr, well, some of us did. You had choices as to how to find images without copyright attached. I did a little exploring with Flickr and discovered how to not only download the images, but how to properly attribute them under Creative Commons licensing. First things first: I had to have a Flickr account associated with a Yahoo account, which, thankfully, I already had. This may be more than you want to deal with.

In your search from the Creative Commons page that lists numerous apps for different types of content you will select the app you want to search, enter your search query and then note a couple of boxes below that. One is for commercial purposes, which in this class does not apply, unless you plan to use the image you find to market a product or service. The other is for images you want permission to modify or adapt, which you might, if you want to use PhotoShop or some other editing software to change it from its original form. If neither of these apply, make sure the boxes are not selected. This opens up your possibilities a lot, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Once you find an image you want, click on it and it will enlarge. You will see some option icons on the bottom right section of the screen. The three dots give you “more options”, which includes “view all sizes”. For web, medium will probably do. Select the size you want and download. Once it downloads, you can save it or move it to the file you want to save it in, then it’s easy enough to place it into your blog post.

As far as attribution goes, under Creative Commons licensing, there are some rules in place, and those can be found on the screen as you make your selection. They will vary. I have found that there is a link on each that will tell you which rights have been reserved and if you follow, you can find it explained how to attribute. But basically, you’ll use the CC and note the name of the owner and link back to the original image, unless you find differently. Be careful with this. It’s awesome that these folks have elected to share their work with others, and we don’t want to take advantage and not give them the credit they deserve.


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