Week 9 – Images make assignments better

March 3, 2014

Kicking of the week with another snow day! Then I’m going to be gone Tuesday, so we’ll have a short week to learn something new. Here is how it’s stacking up:

Tuesday: Digital Scavenger Hunt. This is just for fun. You’ll have a substitute today, so if you are behind on earlier assignments, I suggest you work on those. Seek help from each other. But if you are caught up, check out this Google form and do some Internet searching. I’ll be looking to see what you come up with.

Wednesday: Creative Commons, Copyright and Fair Use.
Quiz over copyright knowledge
View the Law and Technology Timeline

View a cute video that demonstrates Fair Use.

You can search for copyright-free image through Google, by using its search tools to limit usage parameters. Another way to search is through the Creative Commons search query.

Thursday-Friday:  Come up with some sort of assignment (together) that demonstrates your understanding of copyright, creative commons and fair use. Of course, you’ll want to utilize a Creative Commons image.
Don’t forget your Follow Friday post for the week – find three to follow.
…And a personal post. You can combine the Creative Commons assignment with your personal post to get the most bang for your buck.


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