Week 6 – Digital Footprints

February 10, 2014

This week, we’ll learn about digital footprints. Check back later as more develops on the lesson.

Monday: Today is a catch up day. Several of you are behind by an assignment or two or some personal posts. Take advantage of today’s extra time, and catch up!

Tuesday: Time to think about our Digital Footprints. What’s a digital footprint? Check out this video:

Hear a response from someone your own age about being aware of how your own digital footprint can affect you:


And, finally, Diane Sawyer reports on the negatives to a not-so-great digital footprint:

Now, take the Google yourself challenge. If you were an admissions officer or a potential employer or a potential date, what could you find on yourself? Is it what you would like people to see about you?


Wednesday: Your assignment is to write a post on your homepage about what you found on yourself. Is it what you expected? Is it what you want others to see? If you were going to improve it by adding positive content to your DF, what can you do? Can you develop a plan for actively creating a positive digital footprint for others to find? What will the plan include?

Thursday – Friday: Continue working on your Digital Footprint post assignment, and don’t forget to add a personal post to your personal post page by Friday.


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