Week 5 – The Snowy Week

February 3, 2014

As I sit here on our first school day of the week, in my living room, in the middle of the afternoon, I contemplate how many actual school days we will have this week. We got approximately 8 inches of snow yesterday, prompting administration to call today a snow day fairly early yesterday. Tonight’s forecast calls for some freezing rain around 2 a.m., so we have a 50/50 chance of meeting Tuesday. The rest of the week is a mix of below freezing and above freezing temps with some frozen precipitation, so it’s tough to make too many plans.

With most of you still in varying degrees of completeness for assignments made thus far, I’ll keep it simple this week.

App your Manifesto should be completed by Friday if we have even 2-3 days of school this week.

You have a weekly personal post due by the end of the week.

All other previously assigned work should be completed:

  • TED Reflection
  • Digital Writing article reflection
  • creation of a blog with additional page for personal posts,
    all assignments on homepage, personal posts on PP page
  • About page completed with bio, a photo as soon as you have one to post (we can do this in class with journalism cameras or you can upload from FB or phone), and Manifesto.
    The manifesto, since we are having trouble with embeds, can be created artistically in Word or Gdocs with differing fonts, saved as a PDF and loaded onto About page as an image, then you can link to your chosen app for the Manifesto.

If we have even 2-3 days of school this week, I will be taking a blog maintenance grade. This takes in how well you are maintaining the blog, with posts in proper places, in timely fashion, written in good style and so forth. The rubric on which I will assess the blog has been shared with you through Google Drive.


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